The wishing balloons by Jonathan D. Voss review

This is a beautiful and surprising book! The illustrations are almost done in watercolor as if the illustrator went to finish them but didn’t. This style gives the book a beautiful, ethereal look to it making it so beautiful and standing out from other books. It really makes the story so enjoyable. The story is about two children, one just moved to a new neighborhood and seems sad. The little one next door attempts to be friends but is met with resistance. Then the little one finds a balloon outside their window. Reading the note gives insight into why their new neighbor did not want to talk. There are three in total balloons that come and by the end, the little ones understand what their new neighbor needs. Sometimes the lesson we learn is one of simplicity: just being there, quiet, and letting the other person know you are supportive is all that is needed. Such a beautiful story with gorgeous illustrations to match.

5/5 stars




Children’s book author, writer, Autism Awareness advocate, book reviews

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Lisa Jacovsky

Lisa Jacovsky

Children’s book author, writer, Autism Awareness advocate, book reviews

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