Pugs Cause traffic jams by Jennifer McGrath review

This is an adorable and funny book anyone will love! It is a story about a pug gone missing and her own looking for her. Throughout the story, on each page, there is a different scene with a different breed of dog. There is a caption by each dog that states its breed and something they are good at. This is a very sweet way to introduce different breeds of dogs to children. Halfway through the book we meet the missing pug that is good at holding up traffic. This becomes a large issue that in a very funny way brings the press and makes the pug a celebrity. Their owner has no idea their pug is holding up traffic until the end when they find the pug. The illustrations are a little all over the place since it is following the little girl who is talking to different people and asking about her dog. But they definitely make the story come to life and even a bit funnier. A fun, adorable book meant for any library!

5/5 stars



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Lisa Jacovsky

Award winning children’s book author, Award winning podcast host: The No Limits podcast, book reviewer