Playing at the border: a story of Yo-Yo Ma by Joanna Ho review

This is a book of inspiration and encouraging equality! The true story of a man named Yo-Yo Ma who would play at the Mexican-American border beautiful symphonies on his cello. The story begins by talking about how he began to play the instrument at the age of four. It chronicles his accomplishments which include playing for multiple presidents and receiving the American medal of honor. Something different about this biography is that it not only talks about Yo-Yo Ma it discusses the origins of his cello. The author does this to show that there is so much diversity in life and not just surrounding people, but surrounding the instruments and other everyday things we use. This is such an inspiring story and the fact that is encourages diversity in so many ways makes it beautiful and different. This is a story of history and inspiration encouraging our children to always treat others and everyday things as equal remembering there is diversity leading to beauty in all things.

5/5 stars



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Lisa Jacovsky

Award winning children’s book author, Award winning podcast host: The No Limits podcast, book reviewer