Pink is for everybody by Ella Russell and illustrated by Udayana Lugo review

This is a book that will become any child’s new favorite! The cover in itself shows so much diversity that is also shown throughout the book. The story starts with a rainy day with the illustrations showing more gray. And then a friend comes into the room and the story really begins talking about the different ways pink can be used. There is so much diversity in this book from different cultures to different ages and differently-abled children. It is really refreshing to see a book that has this much diversity in it. Each page is an adventure that talks about how pink can be used ranging from pretending to playing with dress up to different careers to pets. The illustrations are not overly done in pink and bring it out just enough to highlight how pink can be for anyone. There is so much to love about this book; aside from how inspiring it is showing how anyone be anything they want. It is just a fun beautiful way to showcase diversity.

5/5 stars



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Lisa Jacovsky

Award winning children’s book author, Award winning podcast host: The No Limits podcast, book reviewer