Its all art! From drawing to dress up with Sesame street by Marie-Therese Miller review

Books are a wonderful way to show children different things about subjects! This book is titled in a way that sounds like it is all about drawing and painting but it is so much more! Sesame Street does an amazing job of showcasing the different aspects of the field of art. The characters are shown on each page engaging in a different activity that is considered to be art. There is so much more to art than drawing and painting like making music, making crafts etc. This is a wonderful and fun way to show children all the different things they can do. It can inspire children to want to learn more and possibly fall in love with a different part of the field of art. Each page has some real-life pictures to go with the aspect that is being described. This makes it more relateable to the reader and encourages them to want to continue to learn more. A wonderful addition to any library!




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Lisa Jacovsky

Award winning children’s book author, Award winning podcast host: The No Limits podcast, book reviewer