If Tigers disappeared by Lilly Williams reviews

Books are incredible way to educate individuals and spread positive knowledge. This is a beautiful book filled with facts about tigers. It starts off talking about how a tiger roars and this immediately captures the readers attention. It shows a map of the world and where each species of tiger exists. It discusses facts about tigers such as where the live and the indigenous people who try to protect them. This book has more than just the typical facts in it. It is very interesting to learn about the indigenous people who not only worship the tigers but try very hard to protect them. Even though animal sanctuaries are built with good intentions, they displace the indigenous people who try to preserve the tigers. It then discusses what would happen to the world if the tigers disappear. There is a ripple effect that would occur and would spill over into the entire world. This is a wonderful and interesting resource with beautiful illustrations that can educate and encourage children to fall in love with animals and possibly work to save them and our environment.

5/5 stars



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Lisa Jacovsky

Award winning children’s book author, Award winning podcast host: The No Limits podcast, book reviewer